Personally this is the style that I prefer for its durability. FLIP: Its mechanism simulates the opening of a clam, usually situated on the top screen and the keyboard at the bottom, they are easy to answer (it is not necessary to look for a button, you open it only and that answers the call automatically) have keyboards and bigger than the models of bar and place the microphone closer to the mouth of the user. The disadvantages presented is that after many cycles of opening and closing, in some cases damaged wiring affecting the display, speaker and microphone in addition to be less resistant to drops, so if you’re like me and followed by drop your phone, this is not the design for you. SLIDER: Is similar to Type Flip phones, only that instead of having an axis of rotation (open like a clam), a section of the phone slides parallel to the rest of the team to display the numeric keypad, the Pros and cons are similar to Flip phones, with the added advantage of having smaller and have larger screens. SMARTPHONES: These are generally larger models, heavy, expensive and equipped, the two main types are: touch screen Touchscreen full (like an iphone) or with full Qwerty keyboard (like a computer, but mini version), the advantages of a computer with touchscreen display highlights in having a larger screen which is very useful to enjoy multimedia content and surf the internet, the disadvantages are that they are more fragile and it is harder to write text by the need to do so in a virtual on-screen keyboard where keys (it particularly difficult if they have wide fingers like me), do not feel in terms of computers with built-in Qwerty keyboard, the advantage is that it is much easier and faster to draft documents, text messages or emails, the disadvantage is that the screen is smaller and they tend to be a little heavier. .