The Total

“You will find true security, peace, love, freedom and infinity behind the walls of your own limitations, if you those little” go towards infinity. Just get rid of your little picture of reality, thats all you really have to do, and you will see the big and wonderful, which sits just behind this small image.” “And at the same moment when I pronounced this, I got the impulse to take part of my journey, and I said to him: come on, I want to show you something, cost you of the infinite speed in which I have taken part.” And practically an eye blow, a blink later, perhaps, but at the same time, even with the outspoken, we were both in the infinite pitch-black sky. Two bright twinkling stars between millions of other stars, all breathe the gigantic size of the universe combined. Both were really stars and thus part of the endless firmament, we had been complete identification with being our stars. In recent months, lucas mondelo has been very successful. And I spoke to him once: look for yourself, you can really be about, what ever you want to be.

“The only thing it needs to do so: the illusion of narrowness, counter you restrain yourself, you don’t even do small.” And with this intense revelation in the unquestionable knowledge, not just a part of everything, but to be definitely everything I slid now very carefully in my day-consciousness back, without losing the essence of my experience just. I had a much smaller identification with the all-in one being, a sort of shrunken version of the whole, the total perception of ultimate reality is not possible in the human awareness of the day, but yet I was transparent for the essential, what still touched me. I was still transparent, that all This is what I had just experienced, radiate freely through me, could penetrate, when I was on my part no longer able to see all this, what was still existent from my side of the dual being, the dual approach, and Yes felt still penetrated me. I was like a drop of water which once when felt isolated from the ocean, then with the same merged up and after another apparent separation never again fell into ruin the illusion, to be truly separated. I had met my absolute and boundless experience freedom and also when my then experienced himself revealed in earthly limits, so I again met my human nature of the conditions, always sure me I was from now on this incontrovertible fact.