The Great

Now, that Yes, at that time my adult side computated immediately added to that desired condition factors: safety in the work, dynamic activity, free time, acceptable salary etc. It was something too nice to let it go. I took the decision immediately and knew that it was going to be fireman and my time to save grannies He would finally, although it was clear that it was not going to exit on the node. I have had the great luck that later I was able to develop my second vocation, at least for a significant period of my life, that gave me great satisfaction and helped me to overcome me, within the personal sphere. I have the great privilege of having a job that twenty-eight years after that crucial and casual day allows me to go still with a smile on your mouth, hoping to find me with most of my colleagues, have our moves, almost always good, but not necessarily and quit sounding forgetting everything as soon as the chime sounds. Someone is waiting for us impatient so we can solve your problem, that may be something that is later in the irrelevant anecdote or unfortunately sometimes, in the news, but always in our memory, because form part of our life experience and that nobody ever can remove it us. Why I am a firefighter.