The Downsides Of Greyhound

A German dogs blog for greyhound fans the Greyhound and the so-called coursing is a nice change for a normal dogs and is basically with the regular activities of a Windhundhalters. Those who participate in professional greyhound racing, see most of the time not only the prize money, but also the movement of the dog, which he needs to stay healthy. However, a Greyhound in some countries has also so its downsides. Within of Germany there is no such thing as the professional greyhound racing. In this country such a race but mostly in the context of moderate hobby clubs is held, but the coursing in the foreground is, or but for fun, without any bet. In other countries, like the United States, the Greyhound goes other way.

So far, $3 billion per year were called in commercial revenue. Meanwhile, the attitude of the beloved “winner” is quite another. Many dogs are in real teams at home. There they eke out their lives not within the loving family, but in a cage. They be kept basically foot baskets, taken them only within the feeding times. A breeder has seen off mainly on the ability of its animals, sold not suitable for dogs or kill them after they have become ineffective.

If the rate of success for him is no longer enough, the dog is separated out. To save any additional costs, the dogs are often drowned, hanged, killed or shot. In addition to the United States other countries in this practice. Within the media, this topic is also always again hotly debated. Get our dogs blog for more interesting info about wind dog breeds.