The Customer

Now on the market, there are many studios to create websites. Duck which to choose. As in all cases, I recommend to start with the identification of needs – Whether you are just enough small website, or you need a normal business site with sufficient functionality or even Internet shop. Then you need to assess your potential developers, which services in detail and for what money they provide, they impose a service to you without providing the basic details (domain and hosting), that they are hosting for you to pick how much it would cost the continued existence of your site after the development and whether it will depend on them and many other nuances. That is necessary, in my opinion, the important criteria: All phases of the site should be able to exist separately: the development, optimization, promotion, ppc advertising, website support, etc. Regardless of the developer. Because, as you know, anything can happen – the company closed down or cease to cooperate with you and that with the site? After each stage of the customer must be transmitted all the data for further orders of the full work done (and is not tethered to the developer).

The site must be installed convenient cms (content management system) for further work with the content the customer (or his representative) and it should be open source (open system), that could change anything, not only the developer site, and any other agency, in case if you continue to care for him. And I want to see if you have installed commercial cms, then you must give all her documents, what you really bought it. Learn about the different cms can be found on this site -. Well, the last. This is certainly the price. At the time of this writing, prices ranging from 4500rub.

– Create a small website and over 150000rub – create an Internet portal (all firms). Why such a difference. Many well-established, the agency has a good customer base and do not want to cut the price, there is work professionals, a lot of orders, etc. Other lower price to attract customers, although they can perform all the same range of services. Selecting still do Vam.V conclusion, I want to say that the site should have any, no self-respecting company, no matter what she does. Created by – not an easy process, but more so his promotion. Good luck in choosing for themselves a reliable partner in this endeavor.