Education Must Include Technology

In the last century, with literacy were more than enough to not be an illiterate, but since a few years ago, we must learn to occupy a computer, internet, cell phone, the twit and other technological advances, with to be updated or we could name not a functional illiterate. Technology advances by leaps and bounds and we need to use it for different applications, the most important or most impact would be on education, we should take the technology as the cornerstone to form the man of the future, a future which we can see, a future which is a fundamental part of this present.

Make use of this technology for education, lead in the first place highly qualified teachers in the use and application of various technological tools that are present today, tools for both physical (tangible) and advanced software, so that with their knowledge and skills, were tried for the children of primary and secondary, being these levels to get the teacher’s basic teachings and possible applications of the technology. For higher levels, students should make use of this technology to solve problems of their education and their environment, to leverage technology that is applied in their professional development. For the student who receives a theoretical and practical training in the classroom of a company that is already part of an economically active society, should occupy pair technology is working for him, to meet the rates that govern the organization, to improve production processes to improve training and focus is given to a process. And with time and technological advances, we become exploiters of the technology business, in that it would solve a host of problems, both at work and at home.

We must be aware of the proper use of different tools that we face every day, we must use them with the firm objectives of learning, teaching, and above all to improve this world in which we live and seek with it a healthy competition to improve our result.