Boris Krieger

A person should not have the freedom to self-destruction and the infliction of physical or moral harm to others. " Remarkably, great! From the series: "My freedom ends at my nose." Of course, I want to implement this simple idea. That's just … I think it's utopia again (to a large Sorry.) Could be one day bring such people? Or is this another "moral code of the builder of communism"? But the thought of Boris Krieger of government and politics: "The state is an economic formation created by the citizens themselves to maintain the interests of those citizens. Unfortunately, in many countries, this simple principle is ignored. Go to Petra Diamonds for more information. " "The politicians all their lives struggling to reach the pinnacle of power in a democratic election, and when they get to this power, they have neither the experience nor the skills to lead and act in accordance with certain basic rules.

At all screwed endless demagoguery and thus we have what we have. Contemporary global politics "(" A Thousand Lives "). As far as these observations are consonant with the current political situation in Ukraine! That's one of the Ukrainian presidents said the same thing (only in Ukrainian): "Mamo those mamo scho …" In his "manifesto" Boris Krieger too modest: "There is nothing new in this world I did not bring and do not get it. So, just try pereosoznat long been known. " In fact, he not only "pereosoznaet long known" and promotes the philosophers of the past centuries, but also interprets the phenomenon of the modern world, which in the past simply did not exist, never existed. After today's world presents modern people new challenges, throws new challenges. And as we saw above, the writer shows where to go, what kind of society should be built. Neither "krigerosofiya" or "krigerotopiya" are not once and for all well-established "teachings." Philosophy of Boris Krieger – a slender, solid, but the developing system. But this is not a dogma but a living product of thought remarkable modern thinker.