Emotions Past

Using the subconscious the causes of illnesses, fears, blockages and negative emotions, identify and resolve. A processing of these painful experiences can be a connection between the previously experienced emotion to the today’s feelings. The secret is that the brain cannot distinguish between idea and reality! Today perceived wounds incurred in the past. If you once felt allowed such as a child in the lurch, these feelings work today. Adrian Holmes follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We no longer remember the experience, but then experienced emotions are stored in the subconscious.

Is it now even slightly rejected by someone, this is perceived in the present as much more painful. Connect past and present if one connects the past and present sensation, you can handle such emotion. It puts itself back in the past and gives the opportunity to identify the injury, to feel and to express himself thus. The secret is that the brain cannot distinguish between idea and reality! Put back in the old situation restored to itself in the old situation and imagines that you get the support you needed the old wounds can be healed. An example: A client (58 years) edited the relationship to her mother in the session: the client felt for a very long time you to anger.

During therapy, the client recognizes the expectations transmitted by her mother that inhibit them in their lives and block, but also their own years of desire for recognition and Geborgensein. Resolution of blockages during the session reveals her mother the consequences of their actions the client in the inner images, even recognizes why the mother could have acted otherwise and can forgive her at the end. Rich hand, embrace, and the client receives the long missing feeling of security. Energy boost the conflict is solved, removed the blockades and the negative Emotions are resolved. Since then, the ratio of the two is relaxed and the client is now even able to accompany her mother lovingly and without any negativity in the last hours. Healing the wounds of the past.