Stretch Ceilings

The History of suspended ceilings has its origins in ancient Rome. While the ceilings are draped with a cloth that was carefully chosen to match the walls. The fabric wore out pretty quickly, then it just changed to a new one. In more recently, a second mention of the stretch ceilings. In Armenia in the 17th century was used for the manufacture of calico, which was impregnated with chalk. After it stretched on a frame, shrink sheeting, and created a kind of ideal spanned the ceiling. Modern suspended ceiling, this is the way we envision it, there was already in France about 30 years ago and became very popular.

What is a stretch ceiling? Stretch ceilings a flat surface, obtained by pulling the PVC film of special composition. As a material for stretch ceiling is used as polyester fabric, which is knitted polyester canvas, impregnated with polyurethane. In modern designs often use the first option – a ceiling made of PVC. A thin film or fabric is stretched on a special frame (fillet), which is fixed or a base ceiling, or on the perimeter walls. The resulting ceiling plane perfectly flat and homogeneous, has the form of a solid ceiling.