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One of the wonders of life is change and continuous improvement, we are always given the possibility to evolve in a positive way, perhaps that is why some people do not understand the meaning of the difficulties, we are able to overcome overcome ourselves, if we can see some achievements in other people can experience them ourselvesfor that you have to discover how did others to undertake their pathways to resounding success. When we speak of goals usually we believe in something we want to change because we do not like or something that is well but anyway we want to improve, this desire for change is what drives us to carry out a series of actions in order to achieve what they really want. What is needed to undertake a change in a satisfactory manner? Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals teaches us in this book that what is really required is a proper mental state and in the efficient processes are shown to achieve this, i.e. the mind governs our life, most know that, but what they need to learn in the optimal way of influencing our interior so that we generate the necessary motivation, the same that makes an athlete Olympic champion, either achieve that many minds inspire so that today have airplanes, computers, robots and all kinds of technology fabulous, once you learn the methodologies will be able to achieve anythingdo not hesitate. What is the difference between people with great achievements and other common people? The difference lies in the way in which the minds of these people are scheduled to fight unceasingly to achieve what they want, many have been confused into thinking that intelligence has a leading role in the success in any area of life, that’s not true, actually most momentous is willpower stuck on an ideain the book the secret of the power of goals you will discover how to do it, is truth and we are not going to deny that intelligence is important but it must be well managed so that produce fruits.