Source of logistics: logistics and military background

Practically since the beginning of time the world, products that people want or do not occur in the place we want to consume or not available when you want to consume. At that time, food and other products exist in abundance only in certain seasons. In the beginning, mankind had to choose to consume the products in the location or transport them to a particular location and stored there for later use. As there was no developed system of transport and storage, movement of goods was limited to what a person could carry, and storage of perishable goods was possible only a short period of time. This system of storage and transport to force people to live near the places of production and consume a very small range of products.

When the logistics system began to improve, the consumption and production were separated geographically. Businessman The different areas are specialized in what they could produce more efficiently. Thus, excess production could be sent in a profitable way to other regions and products not manufactured in the area could be imported.

Modern logistics has its origins in the military field of engineering that deals with the organization of the movement of troops in bell housing, transportation and supplies. The Baron de Jomini, military theorist who served in the army of Napoleon I and Czar of Russia in the early nineteenth century, the logistics rose to the rank of the three main branches of the Art of War along with the strategy and tactics, as established in 1838 in his Pr cis de l’Art of War: Des Main combinations of Strategie, the Grande Tactique et de la Politique Militaire. After World War II, the professionals who had managed the logistics military joined the corporate world and logistic techniques evolved rapidly.>