Analog-Digital Conversion

An electronic device that converts a digital input (usually binary) to an analog signal (usually voltage or electric charge). The digital-analog converters are interfaces wireless phones between the abstract digital world cellular phone plans and real life analog. The reverse operation AT&T is performed by an analog-digital converter (ADC).
This type of converters used in audio players of all types, since now the audio signals are stored in digital format (eg MP3 and CDs), and to be heard through slider phone the speakers, the Nokia data must be converted to an analog signal. The digital-analog converters can also be found in CD players, digital music players, PC sound cards, etc..

Ars Technica
It is a measure of success that the term “MP3” is HTC probably generally means “digital mobile phones audio LG file.” But an MP3 file contains a cell phones very cellular phones specific type of audio compression, and their candy bar phone success in ATT part from its flexibility. If disk space (and then the flash memory area) is less restricted, lighter compression plans can be used to produce better sound quality, even if it meant …
PC World
We wireless providers are one quarter of the road in 2009 and the gadgets come thick and fast, despite the recession, cell phones is moving …
Thomson, the Motorola company that helped create the MP3 format, ATT a lossless version is backwards compatible with the original.
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