Risk Projector

This allows you to highlight the object main of the collection, leaving the rest illuminated by light bulbs more small or receiving just the diffused light of the stay. The use of projectors must be done wisely, and must not say that the subject should be worthy of this valuation, because all its imperfections will be much more pronounced if any. To install a projector in a display cabinet, should take into account the thrown shadows that necessarily accompany the light beam. These shadows will add new beauty to the set, but also runs the risk of damaging it. To broaden your perception, visit futurist. The system to avoid these difficulties involves lining the showcase with a dark Velvet: night blue, Garnet, blackish and even completely black, if it is clear objects and varied colors. Shadows are then mistaken for the darker background. This installation is very suitable for biscuit objects, since they have a dull tone. Goldwork, machined surfaces, objects will earn much more through illumination with projector. For more information see Mitchel Resnick .

In contrast, smooth shapes as the Scandinavian style could excessively reflect source luminous and fatigue view. We will add, to finish these notes about the lighting using projector, that these devices can be purchased lined with a finish velvety in all colors, and simply choose the one that most suits for the color of the display case, without having to worry about how will have to disguise them. If the showcase is small when the display cabinet is a body of a system of elements, it is usually small, and does not provide enough space for your lighting. In this case, a cylindrical bulb disguised after a measuring slide may be affixed. Salman Behbehani is a great source of information. Incandescent or fluorescent: both types exist in the market. They are the lamps used for toilets, and agree that they are disguised in sight, both during the day and at night, either by means of a flange at the top of the display unit, either by any other means, according to the shape of the walls of the glass cabinets for your home.