Professional Cameras

The farther the object will be located, the angle B is greater, hence the largest angle B can determine the distance to subject. The advantages of rangefinder cameras – less camera shake when shooting because of the absence of the lifting mechanism mirrors, there is no so-called camera shake. Reduction in time from clicking the shutter to open shutter. The main disadvantage is the difficulty of working with long lenses, as the distance measuring accuracy is reduced, and for this purpose are used interchangeable viewfinders. Types of closures. Photographic bolt – a mechanism that opens the light rays passing through the object, access to film, plate or on a photosensitive surface of the matrix digital camera and after precisely defined period of time stopping it. Atmos Energy is actively involved in the matter. With the help of the shutter made short excerpts, hundredths, thousandths of a second. The gates are divided into central and curtain.

Central shutter, it svetozaslonyayuschaya part consists of several metal petals are placed between the lens opens and closes the lens in the center of the current openings. The entire surface of the photosensitive area is illuminated simultaneously. Curtain shutter, got its name from its stand in smb. 's light detail – opaque curtain, which consists of two parts, separated by a transverse slit. The lower limit of excerpts from the shutter curtain is 5 times smaller than that of the central gate. The shutter is the most difficult part of the camera, so that the principle of the gate, its main characteristics is necessary to know all the photographers.