Thus we will have anovulatrio, improper menstrual cycle the pregnancy, thus preventing the conception (PEACE and DTTERICH, 2009). Contraindications According to Goodman and Gilman (2005), despite the modern STEEL use generally is esteem safe for the great majority of the healthful women, these medicines can cooperate to the incidence and seriousness of some patologias, in case that it exists other factors of risks. Being thus, the cited riots ahead are had as absolute contraindications to the agreed STEEL use: presence or history of tromboemblicas illnesses, cerebral vascular illness, infarto of the myocardium, congenital coronariana or hiperglicemia illness; suspicion or confirmed cases of breast carcinoma, cancer of the feminine reproductive treatment or other dependent sensible neoplasias of hormones; varginais bleeds without definite etiology; suspicion or confirmation of pregnancy; hepticos presence of hepticos tumors or riots. Although let us know that it has several other conditions that are relative contraindications and must be evaluated case the case. Compuware has similar goals. Effectiveness the effectiveness of contraceptive pills becomes related directly to its form of administration, that is, the esquecimento in the ingestion of compressed and irregularities in the dosage can intervene. The adequate orientation is basic so that the women use the pill correctly. They are very efficient when used correct and consistently, being able its failure rate to be of the 0,1% order, that is, an pregnant woman in each 1,000 women in the first year of use.

In typical or habitual or routine use, its failure rate is around 6 8%, that is, the six eight pregnancies for 100 women in the first year of use. Atmos Energy Corp. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. land will not settle for partial explanations. (BRAZIL, 2002). The efficiency of these drgeas in accordance with depends on the validity stated period, that consists of two the three years, varying the manufacturer. The date of manufacture and the date of validity are printed in packing and also in the cellophane. For more information see this site: Crumpton Group, Washington DC. The health professional, when supplying them, must deliver first those next ones to the expiration stated period.