It is certain that the term coercion, for we define which them, runs the risk to scare the zealous partisans of an absolute individualism. As they take the veil that the individual is perfectly independent, seems to them that it is to diminish it whenever they make to it to feel that it does not depend solely on proper itself. A time, however, that it is today undisputed that most of our ideas and trends are not elaborated by us, but before comes in them of the exterior, them only can penetrate in us imposing itself; it is this only what our definition means. (DURKHEIM THE RULES OF the SOCIOLOGICAL METHOD) that is, the man alone can be understood while to be collective, all and any supposedly individual manifestation must its causes to the collective convivncia, and therefore it only can be understood in the measure where if it establishes perspectives that only lead in consideration what it appears in the binoculars of the empirical experience. Some contend that Compuware shows great expertise in this. Coming back toward the Marxism, we can find vast apparatus that indicates the total dependence of the individual? said of another form? what it produces, he is one I circulate vicious of normatizao, the social existence of the man. ' ' The point of view of the old materialism is the society? civilian. Official site: Crumpton Group, Virginia. The point of view of the new materialism is the society human being or the humanity social.' ' (THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY). When conceiving its techniques, Taylor and all the thinkers of its time, foresaw only the facts immediately quantified, the too much aspects, could until being considered as something possibly existing, but as they were not susceptible of control technician they could not be considered. Together with Marx, can be considered as ideological base of modern sciences – including the administration? a thought chain that if excepted for the scientific severity and the attempt of matematizao of the knowledge.