Music Recording

Sound – the most important specialist who plays a significant role in the field of recording. He must combine the unique musical qualities to a sound recording equipment to bring them into the finished product – A soundtrack. An important prerequisite in the process of writing a soundproof room. The penetration of outside noise is blocked by a special finishing studio. Depending on the number of recordable instruments, a studio can change their dimensions and acoustic characteristics. In the process of recording each instrument has its own microphone. Influences and placement of the musicians to each other. Sound engineer conducts a kind of listening (Rehearsal) to achieve the best sound that the listener could feel the individual groups of instruments in the overall mass of sound. Signals from the microphones come in hardware, where the focus recording equipment. In primarily on the multi-mixer. On the remote to each incoming signal corresponds to one recording channel. Sound engineer selects the optimal threshold for each instrument volume and timbre. Recording Music works are not limited to one doubles. Each option sound listening, prompting the musicians as they play better. The succession records and plays can last a long time, until the work is not resound in sufficiently addressed. From successfully found a version of the soundtrack will be made.