Metal Cleaner

During the operation, any samovar loses its appearance. To samovar not lost his new look for him to care. You can give your samovar to polish experienced polisher to remove old nickel, and then polished samovar. It is theoretically possible, and at home to polish my samovar. Remove the old nickel in several ways: in acid, electrochemical (swap the anode and cathode, ie, using the inverse polarity) and mechanical – a lengthy process of polishing. But it is polished samovar only mechanically polishing machines. But besides buffing to care for the samovar, and at home. Electric samovar not require special care.

Electric samovar, as a rule, is at home indoors, and use it there, not exposing the aggressive factors in the external environment. With him regularly enough to erase the dust and take descaler, during use. With wood-burning samovar is much more complicated. Wood-burning samovar, he's a samovar coal, wood, heats the water by combustion within themselves. From this it can and soot and tar covered from cones to it need special care.

To solve this problem, there are special cleaning samovar. One of these funds – Metal Cleaner. It is suitable for cleaning of any products made from copper, brass and so on. Buy this tool can be in stores for sale samovar, and in hardware stores. Second – goi paste, used for polishing the samovar, but for cleaning the samovar, it is not fits. goi paste used for polishing a samovar. For cleaning the samovar, it does not fit, can be used only after the metal-Cleaner-like vehicles. Use meta-Cleaner-like tool is very simple. On soft Mum put a little Metal Cleaner, and a circular motion rub the samovar. Rather quickly samovar comes to its previous state. After that, the light, you can rub the samovar goi paste. Problem with the brass polished samovar as possible to solve at home. Yellow color gives the samovar brass. Brass tends to oxidize, there are red spots on the samovar. To deal with them is quite simple. Can use metal Cleaner ilipasta Gentiles, but goi paste is preferable. But nevertheless, it is necessary to remember: that any samovar to be stored in a warm dry place, especially polished samovar prone 'bloom'. Keeping all of these conditions during storage and use of the samovar, you will not have to deal with cleaning the samovar.