IS-95 (Interim Standard 95, or “standard of Nokia 95”) is a standard for mobile telephony based on CDMA technology. Also known wireless phones by its cellular coverage trade name cdmaOne, was developed by U.S. company Qualcomm.
IS-95 is a second generation standard, designed to transmit voice, you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans signaling and call data in a limited way.
Unlike other second-generation standards (like GSM), cdmaOne uses the CDMA multiplexing method slider phone by which all stations transmit at the same frequency band. The separation Motorola between users is candy bar phone performed using orthogonal codes are eliminated by being wireless providers multiplied together. Binary plans sequences are recovered only free phones in the cell using the same code that was used in the base station.
IS-95 competes with technologies such as IS-136 (popularly known by its TDMA multiplexing method) or GSM. At present, has been replaced by third-generation CDMA2000.
This technology was used in cell phones the United States, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, India, Israel, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Brazil cellular phones and China.

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