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Friend View Nokia is a mobile service that blends the microblogging phenomenon of fashion thanks to Twitter, and the ability of geolocation with devices that have GPS. Nokia Friend View now available for mobile or touch screen that runs on any Symbian S60 5th Edition. To use Nokia Friend View only have to log and and you start showing your location and your contact through the GPS ‘for devices that do not have that technology also can do so through the rough cellular network. Good. I am the creator of the website www.cursos2001.com which contains tutorials on various topics of computer science and computer music.
Yesterday (03-Aug-06) included in the article by MIDI wikipedia (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midi) an external link to my tutorial on MIDI, as follows:
“http://www.cursos2001.com/musica MIDI Tutorial Course details on the system MIDI message types, formats, MIDI instruments, digital audio, etc, by Fernando Cyborg, author of MIDI and Computer Music, published in 1992 .
(as I am not a registered user, appears as an author my ip:
This page contains, in effect, a free tutorial on the subject of the article, which expands the information currently contained in Wikipedia, and I think can be very useful for all those interested in computer music
He also believes that it is perfectly consistent with the policies of Wikipedia in this regard, as I see: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Convenciones sobre enlaces externos
In particular, I think it fits in points:
“That should be linked
3-If somewhere in the Internet there is a book or other text in the same article addresses a topic that should be included
5-pages with large amounts of neutral and not even relevant content in the article. Ideally, this content should be integrated into the Wikipedia article, in which case it would appear as external links, as a bibliographic reference. “
However, a few hours later, the link was removed from the article (http://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php ‘title MIDIanddiff nextandoldid 4154132), by a user called Barcex (http://es .wikipedia.org / wiki / User: Barcex), arguing spam.
Given that the only external link is currently in the article “MIDI” is as follows:
“Hispasonic Portal dedicated to music technology, with updated news and articles. It is the best forum to chat in Spanish about music production techniques, MIDI, recording and mixing, etc..”
… that (although it seems a very interesting web) in my opinion does not meet the basic objective of neutrality using adjectives adjectives (it is the best forum …), and that the external link I had included more specific about the subject, I think the policy of inclusion of links has not been correctly applied.
While the policy of including links follows:
“1 – … The inclusion of links to personal pages are strongly discouraged.”
Also appearing:
“That should not be linked
1-Wikipedia links deeply disapproves add-commercial purposes or to advertise products, services or any kind of website. … “
What could be the perfect link to hispasonic is maintained in the article, since from the same home we can see different ads.
and also:
“The 2-link to a site selling products or services, unless it applies some of the above reference that should be linked or could be linked.”
This last point could be a reason to include (the hispasonic), but I think it would be more applicable to link to my site.
In addition to the above link, has removed Barcez other 3 links that I had included (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Especial:Contributions/Barcex)
In politics it is said:
“1 – (…) The massive inclusion of links to any websites are also deeply disappointed, and such action should be reported at the Cafe or other page for that purpose and approved by the community before proceeding. The inclusion of persistent links to the homepage of a wikipedians is considered vandalism and could result in sanctions. “
I do not think that included a total of 4 links in different articles, which are fully related to its possible content deemed as “spam”, I do not seem “massive.
My intention is not to create polemics, or to force the inclusion of my links, but as I understand the future include links in Wikipedia, and thus contribute to the improvement of this interesting resource. The truth is that this situation has discouraged me enough to raise a future more extensive.
I hope this is the site most suitable for this consultation, and not having exceeded the extension. If it is not, I hope you accept my apology.
Thank you for your attention.
Salu2 Fernando Sanchez (Cyborg) www.cursos2001.com
It is normal to have happen. Remember that Wikipedia is a wiki, where anyone can edit. If a user viewed your unique contributions (also from a unregistered user) were added links to various pages in a page marked character, whose personal information is not directly accessible, it is normal to have considered spam. If a registered user you have other contributions put one link on the right page with text and not as “heavy”, is likely to be accepted without problems.

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