IP Telephony For Web Desktop – Free Internet

Multi-service portal WebDeskTop (abctop.ru) at the final stage of testing (opening in April of this year) to offer its customers new service – a free IP telephony, which can be found by opening is an online desktop. For more information see ConocoPhillips. The first thing that you notice immediately – a new service interface sverhprost and does not require a learning curve. In a special form on the virtual desktop, enter two phone numbers – his and he on which to call. Immediately call sounds. By the time longer have to decide what to call the phone – landline or mobile.

Available immediately function "delay" allows you to make a connection with a delay of 10-180 seconds. So that have time to prepare for the conversation. Functional IP-telephony can not lose a single incoming call and keep in touch. Reliability and security of communications – are fully provided that the final stage testing for developers WebDeskTop especially important. In general, IP telephony for the owner of the web desktop – yet another convenient way to communicate on the Internet, successfully complementing existing e-mail, communication through blogs, communities, exchange pictures – and video archives, on principle – all at your fingertips. Complete services like web-desktop interaction much easier in the Internet community and makes it more interesting and practical. The introduction of new modern service as part of the web desktop is for a great future. IP telephony – the new way of communication for Runet that increasingly embraces the world. Analysts predict that by 2009 the Internet will account for 90% of telephone services and approximately 74% of corporate lines will be based on the IP-protocol.