Human Hair Hair Extensions With Clips

Tress clips easily tip the Internet are offered a lot of human hair hair extensions for men. Whether it is always the right type system to be decided. Basically, the extensions should only be purchased in stores and not in some forest and meadows provider. Even sex shops and trying to spread a piece of cake to get hold of the hair. Who is so unreasonable and tried to use the supposedly great offers that will quickly notice that only a master craftsman for this sensitive product is the only right person. The hair extensions are offered in small Echthaarbondings with different hair lengths and variable mounting variations on natural hair: * welded * … … * … Ultraschallbefestigte coated with Keratinhlsen * … * … and stuck a number of other systems. All extensions of this type have the same problem, fast-grown bonding, everything is visible and the worst of the absent one who let the natural hair matted at visible and seem overused. ThePrice question is not to be forgotten, a specialist hand-made extension will cost ca500 .- to 1500 .- Euro. An enormous expenditure of money which will be repeated after about 4-5 months, because the natural hair has grown. Watching, gag or connection agreements are foisted on … the current costs do not stop! A real alternative is for human hair extensions and hair clips densities with fixings. These are small metal can with plastic combined Minikmmchen that Clip in your own hair. These clips are factory fitted to all extensions. The crazy, every clumsy lady can even attach the extensions every day anew in the natural hair and not interfere with the natural hair regrowing hair. It is not necessary to visit the hairdresser regularly around the old welded, with bonding, Ultraschallbehandelten or god knows what to remove for fastening systems, or can attach new ones. A particularly nice lace model was highlighted. The hair length of human hair is about the same length 45/48 cm, with 3Clipskmmchen and 2 Leichtkmmchen to secure the natural hair. The width of about 23 cm, height about 5 cm, 6 lace sewn to each other. At 5 minutes long hair. Divide the hair on the back from horizontal, crimped it discreetly and one CLIPSTER the hair extension into your own hair. The outer coat is brushed on and you’re there long or dense hair. For once even built a fast and easy new long real hair. Anyone can do it, practically in a few minutes, the hair extension is installed. The hair is smooth or corrugated get. If necessary, you can screw into the wet straight hair curlers and dried after the fall beautifully curly hair / wavy. The natural hair length should be at least 15 cm or longer. Over time, the natural hair grows better because the transition and the extension result. They are long) Haarerlngerung joy in this human hair (hair filler and be excited every day anew. The price is wrong: around 295th – Euro to about