BACK TO THE PAST: Wilt Chamberlain

Truly I tell you this is a real gem. If Wilt Chamberlain was playing at this time I am completely convinced that it would still be as good as it was then. He had class, something not very abundant in people so great, but it had power, strength and momentum, it was ready as anybody, but how is it that put so many plugs. Remain high and big, but few with so much quality. During the fourteen years he spent in the NBA got 31,419 points, ie an average of 30.1 points per game, and came to add up to a hundred points in one game. Its incredible scorers earned him be regarded by many connoisseurs, one of the best offensive players in basketball history.Only a few data, in its first five years in the league, he averaged 37.6 points per game and 27 rebounds (1960), 38.4 dpi and 27.2 rpg (1961), 50.4 dpi and 25.7 rpg (1962), 44.8 rpg and 24.3 dpi (1963), 36.9 dpi and 22.3 rpg (1964) and 38.9 dpi and 23.5 rpg (1965). There are those who assert that the organization of the NBA has come to establish new regulations that, in practice, meant a restriction of his abilities as a scorer, so his mere presence is not too off balance the level of play. Few athletes have achieved the heights that Chamberlain proved throughout his career as a basketball player.His record was in force until 1984, when he was beaten by the also legendary Kareen Abdul Jabbar.