Ground Installation

in the case of the construction company does not get easier for the cat in the bag. Companies always have a portfolio of this work, which can be available, although there may be undercurrents … Many construction firms after receiving an order simply employ ordinary shabashniki and act in the capacity of intermediaries. 2. in the case of a team working to invite preferably only on the recommendation. Workers will be disciplined by the fact that on your attitude will depend on the prospect of further employment – advice, on the other hand, you will protect yourself from quacks and rogues.

3. meet with prospective executor of your repairs at the facility where currently going repairs and assess the situation on the ground. 4. check the team / company can only be in asking them to perform at all repairs immediately, but some point, for example, add a coupler 5. estimates of all prices, complete list of works and the final sum to be up to the beginning of the repair or construction. In this case you will not have to think there will be enough for I have funds to complete the repair. 6. specialization better than universal, and some types of work it is desirable to withdraw from the general budget and request the third party specialists. For example: – electrical installation is desirable invite a local electrician with tolerances – for installation of air conditioning and installation of windows – it is better to invite a company which had purchased air conditioners / windows – the installation of satellite dishes – where the company invite installers plate was purchased – the installation of plumbing better to invite a large company with the license office, a real guarantee and advance shall discuss the materials and brands to place purchase and delivery of materials to them on condition granting of certificates – to install the doors, it is desirable to invite specialists of the company which were acquired by the door – for parquet, laminate, wood flooring is better to invite the experts of a large firm selling or producing these coatings 7. prepayment – can often be your main 'headache' at any stage of work, so it is advisable to make payments in stages according to pre-approved by both parties graphics, a nice repair!