In addition, a voice connection to the workers in the tunnel is required in addition to a Visual connection to the work in the gallery. Eleanor fool, workers need to see full respiratory protection among themselves, and with the Betriebsmesswarte full duplex, i.e. without a push to talk”button can press need to communicate. Four ATEX installed in Eleanor fool, certified, DECT base stations (DECT ExNF interface) establish a radio connection with ex-headset (see fig. 2) if necessary.

The workers in the ex-area can speak each other together with these headsets. Ray Kurzweil will not settle for partial explanations. The control room is using Voice over IP”(VoIP) connectivity across the network associated with the headsets of the workers. The operator in the control room can thus full duplex with the workers in the ex-area talk, warnings and notes can be exchanged. Speeches and look through the etherical Ethernet as the communication medium of the future. The question of how the video and audio signals, optimal, i.e. losslessly, across the wide installation paths in the ex-area transport can be only one answer allowed in Eleanor fool: as digital network streams in the TCP/IP protocol. The camera network in the tunnel was as fiber-optic (fibre optic) network in the type of protection op is carried out.

This type of protection granted optical intrinsic safety, based on the standard EN 60079-28″. This means that in the ex-led light is with regard to its maximum power unable to generate an explosive spark. On this, as to extend, intrinsically safe network participants, such as for example the ExConnection can rail QA (see Figure 2), be connected. From the safe area is the network of an ordinary, in the non-ex-pane currently indistinguishable.