Educational Linux

An example of this is the distributions Edubuntu, Kelix, Pandorga, Debian Edu, Educational Linux, versions> LIE of the referidaescola, in the pertaining to school against-turn in the period of December of 2007 afevereiro of 2008. The sample was composed for 57 young, in the faixaetria of 14 the 17. The inclusion criteria had been: alunoregularmente to be registered the participant school, specifically the 9ano, last year of basic education. > experience foidesenvolvida in five stages. The first stage involved planejamentodo work. The formandos with the teachers had together planned oformato of the audiovisual project that would have to be developed dentrodos available resources. As the school did not make use of one filmadoranem similar, a presentation in format of slides was waked up.

Aofinal, was produced a digital hipermdia with all them apresentaesem format of virtual album. It is standed out that the choice of the type of mdialevou in consideration the fact of that all the pupils possuam aparelhode DVD and that it had interest of the majority, in presenting its produopara the familiar ones, therefore would be the form accessible and democrticade spreading, whereas few had access the computadoresconectados ones to the Web. The second stage was of produotextual research and. The pupils had been motivated to search on its life acadmicae the social function of the school, by means of interviews with the efuncionrios parents of the school. The third stage was the session of photos. It was opted to photographing to aprenderfazer making situations so that the pupil could desenvolversuas potentialities and to construct to its autonomy in the construction doconhecimento and the free manuscript of softwares. 4. Gotten results Include do not only mean to use the ferramentascomputacionais, but mainly to be co-author of its proper histriade life. The use of the free educational technology in this in case that, proporcionouaos actors in question the possibility to be become informing of umacultura of solidarity and colaborativa learning beyond to deproporcionar a new chance of escolarizao.