Academic Life

Steve Jobs its Meaning in My Academic Life. Prof. Dr. Odalberto Casonatto Sundays Leaves us orphan Steve Jobs, with its premature death. It fit it merit to become popular the use of the table computer. Millions of people without being technician in computer science had had the possibility to use the computers and its programs. But its inventive genius did not stop there was more far and what the humanity saw in the last proportionate decade for the Internet, computers and telephony, nobody imagined.

My first contact with a computer of Apple had returned the Jerusalem, Israel to carry through my doutorado work of, was the year of 1989. It starts if to introduce the age of the computers in the Universities. As soon as I arrived I presented the professor who to follow would go me in the work and he said me to it. He is not more possible to deliver no work, ' ' batido' ' for he schemes to write. He had made my mestrado thesis of with schemes to write, suffering enormously with this. The limitations were many and the employed time we could not imagine. Thus it said professor, for academic works optimum computer is Macintosh, of Apple, and said more, until you do not acquire your computer, will be able to train in this computer that I have in it I exist a program that explains all the movements necessary to be able to write and to produce texts and to print. He will have this schedule to make this.

Thus it happened and after that I obtained to understand this new schemes called computer and to work with it. The difference in making a work of doutorado with one schemes to write or a computer we could describe as of an abyss. All more easy age, to write, to correct, to place notes to the foot of the page, to detach headings, to print texts etc until list of cited authors the computer makes.