Earn Money

1. The future of mobile telephony is inevitably the IP telephony. Currently all phones are created to support VoIP technology, then in a few years the same will be the official means used for telephone communications. 2. Reduces costs on calls by 80%. We can talk to any corner worldwide at local or free price, since rates are very low.

In the case of Global Telecom Connect, reduces them to 100% as the company pays 60% of your monetary gain to their own users 3. Offers much more variety of functionalities that we do not have access to other conventional systems. 4. It can be used from various devices such as: mobile phones, iPod touch, House, TV, computer, Ipad, phones usb phones. 5. Elimination of the use of cabling phone altogether.

6 Reduces the risk that we intervene or espien our conversations, under multiple security measures available. The conventional telephony does not offer any alternative to avoid intruders. 7 Enables. we retain the same phone number even though we travel or move us city or country. 8. IP telephony, allows us to access and listen to the voice messages received, via the Web or from our e-mail. This feature allows us to greater convenience and access to communications. 9. Access to a personal IP line which operate in a 100% to call is immediate. Do not lack facilities or initial payments for membership. 10. We can win cars, checks, travel, cruises by productivity. 11 There are people that we spend more in their calls, most receive thousands of dollars each week with your IP telephony with Global Telecom Connect service. 12 There are people earning $1000 monthly, weekly and even daily with this telecommunications company see list of cell phones may use the Global Telecom Connect IP line and to make calls to the world original author and source of the article.