Dictation System

Professional use of Twitter, Facebook & co in Aachen, 10.05.2011 – social media are indispensable from the working life. A high timeliness and frequency of posts are particularly important in blogging, tweeting & co. Come with the social media service “Phone-it” by elaura users enjoy a viral marketing with minimal effort: A simple phone call placed the content on the blog, Twitter and / or Facebook account. From a professional world that increasingly relies on an exchange of providers and consumers, social media are hard to imagine. At the same time, speed and efficiency are required, there are often a few seconds which can decide about success or failure.

“While one must manually post the latest news in their various accounts, others remain as a step”, explains Lukas Klein, project manager of the elaura GmbH. “With”Phone-it”by elaura they have placed their content already in the social media – with just a simple phone call.” All the users that need to do is to call the phone number of the elaura services and dictating his text. Elaura then post the content after a quality assurance in the Twitter and / or Facebook account. In addition, the customer receives a copy of his text by E-Mail sent to. “Phone-it” premium: user referral marketing in high speed within the relevant target group reach viral marketing for up to five experts with the premium version of the social media services. Up to five experts can dictate their messages and current emotions to elaura.

These texts need little centrally only later on correctness and corporate policy to be, examined before them on Facebook and (optionally multiple different) blog and / or Twitter accounts will be posted. So the effort on a telephone conversation is reduced, at the same time, however, increases the coordination between the various experts; Sharing about what gets to the public and what is not, by the user himself issued with just a few mouse clicks. “If journalists, the news still” “dictate directly from the scene, to place them in the blink of an eye in their blogs, or marketing specialists, the by traveling want to – post your posts to multiple social networks simultaneously with elaura” phone-it “Take advantage of the users within a very short time of viral marketing”, says Klein continued. Elaura short profile: elaura is the first secure mobile Dictation System. Traditional dictation methods are superseded by this unique mobile system. elaura needed only a mobile phone and thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility and location independence. The service works in completely anonymous and encrypted. Business appointments, important notes, spontaneous ideas and memories – with elaura journalists, doctors, students, u.v.m. of private and professional paperwork relieve themselves.