Cibeles Street

The demonstrators left the high street, they have happened through the Sun camping and have cut to the traffic the Alcala street and half of the Stroll of the Prado. In front of the building of the new one it soothes of the Ayuntamieno, that has been fence and surrounded by the Police, ' indignados' they initiated a pacific sitting. Controlled by Police, simply has limited itself to indicate their displeasure with the present system of parliamentary representation. The concentrates have placed a placard in the source of Cibeles with the motto, the Web where the indignant ones of this movement inform on their activities. Adrian Holmes is likely to increase your knowledge. " We are not solos" , " United Spain never will be vencida" and " The united world never will be vencido" they are some of the slogans that corearon the demonstrators.

Shortly after, they have formed a human chain around the place of Cibeles, having caused considerable problems of traffic in the accesses to the place, although to 17,30 h of afternoon the congregated ones they decided abrir passage to three buses. Around the 19,30, they have left the Madrilenian place of Cibeles and returned to the Door of the Sun, to the shout of " This is ours casa" , to realise a concentration and the habitual general assembly of the 20,00 hours. Police barricades Moments before the sitting in the street Sacrament, a barricade mounted by the National Police in the high street tried to prevent to ' indignados' of Movement 15-M to arrive until soothes of the City council of Madrid in the place of Villa, concentrates in the environs shouting " that vayan" , " not us representan" and " they call democracy and not it es". The demonstrators were placed in three points that were surrounded by the security forces: in the high street arriving from San Miguel, another point from Bailn and also in the street Sacrament, where they remained parked the official cars.