Chinese Communists

Look at macro (the crisis in the country and the world) and micro (crisis within the company) levels. If the situation is exacerbated by the presence of the crisis within the company, then you need to understand at what stage of development (four) is this crisis. Of course strategy is needed, but if the company is the 3rd or 4 th phase of its own crisis, the strategic activities she simply has no money. Here it is necessary to introduce crisis management, but that's another topic. Of course, you need to think about effects of anti-crisis measures (not to be like in the times of the great Chinese revolution: struggling with destructors crops – the sparrows and all povyveli, resulting in the extermination of sparrows – have multiplied and ate locusts more than we could foresee the then Chinese Communists). But interestingly, what they think themselves the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises: Do they and their staff strategy during the crisis? Indeed, as shown Stats: – 2 / 3 managers make important decisions without considering alternatives; – 75% of managers tend to "push for" solutions that seem to them the only right – more than 60% of decisions are unfortunate or suboptimal – 91% of managers are confident in their ability to make correct decisions; – 25% of innovations in the companies are successful – 29% of managers responsible for the absence of the impossibility of planning: "it is necessary seeing how ineffective lumberjack working in sweat told him: "Let me locked up you saw – you will be cut faster!". through.