But To Think A Little …..

Untied thoughts imagining infinite possibilities thus are our life. We are here. living deeply each only moment each stroke that our heart of confides innumerable ways and choices to tread. Below they are some phrases to reflect what it wants to say each letter drawn in these words. ' ' The first law of the nature is the tolerance – since we have all a portion of errors and fraquezas' ' Voltaire ' ' The wisdom of the life is not in making what it is liked, but liking what &#039 becomes; ' Leonardo of the Vinci ' ' The theory always finishes, more early or later, assassinated for the experience ' ' Albert Einstein ' ' The tragedy of the life is that we become in them early old excessively and scholars late excessively ' ' Benjamin Franklin ' ' The life is wonderful if fear of it is not had ' ' Charles Chaplin Abraos to all ….. MaicoN Moso Blog: email: