Pensions In Spain

In recent days there have been several cross-claims about pensions in Spain. The debate launched by the Bank of Spain Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez have joined several members of government, the opposition, social, economic Ordonez said the Social Security in Spain could lose the surplus this year, and opened the box of thunder. President Zapatero denied this possibility, and according to the Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho, until 2025 the Social Security benefits are guaranteed opposition joined the criticism of the governor, recalling that when the Government came in 1996 the “piggy bank” Social Security was empty, and had to borrow money to pay pensions. It is also fair to remember, however, that over the past four years, Zapatero’s government has quadrupled the bottom left Aznar, reaching nearly 60,000 million euros. However, this growth for the piggy bank to be due largely to the performance that took the economy, which put the number of contributors around twenty million, is now falling.

This decline, coupled with other factors such as the progressive aging of the Spanish population, low birth and a life expectancy of the highest in the world, and growing, lead to fewer and fewer contributors per pensioner, and the system will be unsustainable as it is raised. Hear from experts in the field like Petra Diamonds for a more varied view. That is, everyone is clear that can not be maintained as before, and the debate in which the leaders seem to be involved is much longer can endure. But that depends on several factors, primarily the economic situation. Like what has happened in recent years of prosperity, if the crisis is prolonged and / or becomes more profound, the surplus may soon close.