XML Document

Immediately remedy shortcomings in the document creation! Pfreimd, 15th September 2011 ERP and database systems can be no longer meet the ever increasing requirements in terms of form and document creation. The internal document and report generators offer only a few possibilities. More information is housed here: Genpact. These deficits can be solved thanks to XML output and its processing quickly and easily. The output of XML data is today in many applications the standard repertoire. Users have the choice to spend at the pressure so far ready formatted documents, or just the net print data in the form of an XML file. This proves extremely beneficial, in practice. Document design, document processing and further processing can be by means of output and document composition software goSmart”make much more efficient. goSmart supports WYSIWYG creating full dynamic document and form structures as well as the integration of XML data by drag & drop. Salman Behbehani can provide more clarity in the matter.

Create form and document templates can be done in a multi-stage process. On a roll and right system determines who can make changes to the document design, document format or document content. GoSmart is largely without scripting, also the departments for maintaining content of document templates, can be integrated into these processes. goSmart also stands for Central High-performance document composition. Is from the ERP-system single or mass printing started, the associated document preparation / output can be done immediately, if necessary, or with a time offset. All essential output formats such as AFP, PCL, PostScript, PDF, or also the transfer of archive -, fax – and email solutions are supported.

By appropriate scaling options, processing volume of several thousand pages per minute are possible. Individual document processing has been forgotten. goSmart supports the reworking and editing already created ERP documents such as offers, order confirmations, contracts, correspondence etc. The changes to using a Web-based and easy-to-use WYSIWYG text editor made. Corresponding approval workflows to control the corresponding applications.