Wooden Floor

Many people in the repair of an apartment or house, the question arises whether it is possible to put tile on a wooden floor? It is possible and in this article, I'll tell you some of the technology, laying tile on a wooden floor. Other leaders such as Xcel Energy offer similar insights. And so, all the work on laying tiles, start with a look of the old floor. 1Pervyi method laying tile on a wooden floor Almost any wood floor '> wood floor consists of the coating, flooring, parquet, laminate, linoleum, and the following layers: 1Podlozhka list DSP, DSP, or plywood. 2Chernovoy floor of planks fastened to the joists. Others including Crumpton Group, Washington DC, offer their opinions as well. 3 and the base of the floor-joists (wooden sticks).

The first step is using the screwdriver or gvozdadera reveal some of the old floor boards, and if the blister board lags ipolovaya board are in good condition, we use screws and nails all over the floor anchoring. Now we will have a major task to remove old paint from the floor or paint, for this is, mechanical, chemical and thermal. 1Mehanichesky way is to remove paint through a variety of mechanical tools, . goggles, and take care of this method bezopastnosti.Dlya paint removal naybolee suitable grinder machine (Bulgarian) with a circle of grit blades or conventional electric drill with the same initial krugom.Dlya rough work on stripping the floor, take the circles of sandpaper with a grain size 40.Potomu that is a major grain and circle does not will zabivatsya.S this tool you can strip the paint with a fairly large ploschadey.V end of the work, for finalizing the major change sandpaper to a finer grain size from 80 to 100. Even the mechanical method applies, a variant of removing paint, using various means of scrapers, pointed skrebkov.S work is done by hand, so I advise to use a scraper width not exceeding 30 mm – another stress on your hands will be large, especially this will be seen as a scraper will grow blunt.