Wallpaper For Bedrooms

What finish to choose for the walls in the bedroom? You are likely to stay on the wallpaper. To date, there is great diversity of colors and wallpaper, and although the idea pokleit wallpaper as old as mankind, it's easy to zaputates choice. About that, what are the wallpaper, and wallpaper for the bedroom which will suit best, read this article. What are wallpaper Paper wall paper wallpaper – the classics of the genre. Of the benefits – proven technology of gluing (at least once in kazhy life of us pasted paper wallpaper), reasonable price, environmental friendliness. Manufacturers offer a variety of design options, and to date, paper wall remain a leader podazh.

Non-woven wallpaper Unlike paper, non-woven wallpaper can be lengthy, can achieve interesting visual effects. From the practical advantages – interlining does not shrink when wet and glueing, wallpaper easily glued (glue is applied to the wall, it gives opportunity to more precisely adjust the fabric wallpaper to each other), non-woven covers the irregularities and defects of the walls, you can glue on almost any surface. If necessary, wallpaper can be painted with acrylic paints, although you can buy and special non-woven wallpaper before painting. Vinyl wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper easy to clean, are durable, but at the same time does not leak air. There are vinyl wallpaper with a distinctive texture, smooth and very dense, as well as foamed vinyl paints. With this foam vinyl can produce all sorts of manipulation – for example, do stamping.

It is a pity that all this live synthetics, and fit only for the individual bedrooms copies – with a particularly high vozduhopronikaemostyu. Velour wallpaper soft surface absorbs sound, but here on gluing velvet beauty will leave a lot of strength and need a special glue for "heavy wallpaper." Another major drawback – mats wallpaper collect dust and are easily damaged. But for all the shortcomings of velvet in the bedroom looks divine. Felt wallpaper If you like suede, but you do not want to risk it, try felt wallpaper. They are made from acrylic fibers, polyester and microfiber, and perfectly breathable. In contrast to the spots on the textile felts easily deduced sponge. Advantages are very much against one minus suschetsvennogo: Felt wallpapers – this is fairly expensive. Textile wall textile wallpaper appeared long before the paper, and today represent a fairly prestigious element of the interior. Cotton, viscose, polyester – are the basic materials of which make the fabric wallpaper. The more natural fibers are used, the more expensive wallpaper. And the glue fabric wallpaper hard spots on them and not displayed. I – for felt. All interesting ideas such wallpaper wallpaper suit and bedroom, and for living room. Wallpaper is a hybrid of photos and screen printing. Very nice and unusual.