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Old Phone
The phone is a telecommunication device designed to transmit conversation through electrical signals.
His invention has been historically attributed to Alexander Graham Bell, who built the first in Boston (Massachusetts) in plan chooser 1876. We now know that plagiarism Antonio Meucci in the invention and, although at the time this was cell phone chooser the subject of lawsuits in the United States, he was not came to recognize his rights before his death in 1896. However, the June 11 2002 choose the best plan for you the U.S. Congress officially recognized Antonio Meucci as the inventor of the telephone and Bell who was patent.
According to other versions, the invention was conducted in 1860 by Philip Reis German, but due to poor translation of the German word “Telephone” Reis is considered as the predecessor of Bell, though, apparently the brainchild offers all the service providers’ plans of Reis was not as a phone in the strict sense, because although he could transmit musical notes at a distance was not able to reproduce complex signals of voice.
Evolution and use of telephone
Since its original conception, have been introducing successive improvements in the telephone set, as in the systems and methods of operating the network.
In regard to the telephone apparatus itself, can be identified:
The introduction of the carbon microphone, which considerably increased the power emitted and therefore the maximum range of communication. The device ‘antilocal’ to avoid disturbance in the hearing caused by noise in the local environment where it was installed on the phone. The pulse dialing by dialing disc. The touch-tone multifrequency. The introduction of the cell phone plan chooser electret or electret microphone, used in practically all modern appliances, which improve considerably the quality of sound.
Operators manually switching calls, Museum of Telecommunications, Madride as to the methods and systems of operation of the telephone cellular phones network can be pointed out:
Or conventional fixed telephony is one that refers to the lines and equipment to handle the communication between terminals and portable telephones are not usually linked with each other or with the central through metal conductors. Commutation of the manual telephone exchange to interconnect through plans the intervention of an operator / a different phone, creating a first network model. The introduction of automatic telephone exchange, formed by electromechanical devices, which have existed and still exist in some cases, various systems (rotating crossbars and more cellular providers complex). Central automatic electromechanical, but controlled by computer. The central digital best cellphone plans electronics and fully automatic computer control, almost all of the current, allowing a cell phones plans multitude of services at the establishment of communication (so-called value added services). The introduction of the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and xDSL techniques or broadband (ADSL, HDSL, etc.) that allow data transmission over high speed. Mobile phone or cell phone, which enables wireless transmission of voice and data, these may be at high speed in the third generation of new equipment.
There are fixed in cases where the connection is made with the central means by radio, such as rural telephony through wireless access, which uses part of the mobile telephony infrastructure to provide telephone service to areas inaccessible to conventional lines of copper wire. But these lines for all purposes be regarded as fixed telephony.
Wikipedia mobile navigation, search mobile phone is basically composed of two parts: A communications network (or mobile network) and you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans terminals (or mobile phones) that allow access to that network.
The mobile phone or cell cell phone plans phone is an electronic communication device with the same basic capabilities of a conventional telephone dial. Besides being wireless laptop is to not require drivers for cable connection to the telephone network.
The mobile or lots of plans cellular telephone system is one in which the combination of a network of radio transmitter-receivers (base stations) and a series of telephone a variety of cellular plans switching, allows for communication between mobile phone terminals ( mobile phones) or between terminals and telephones in the traditional fixed network.
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Operation The use of the word referred to the cellular mobile telephony, from the fact plans include that base stations, via radio link to mobile phones with base station controllers, are prepared in the form of a mesh, forming cells or cells (theoretically as a honeycomb).

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