Transversal Subjects

The meaning importance in the qualitative boarding is of vital 08. The investigators quefazem use of this type of boarding are interested in the way as the sensible pessoasdo its lives. On the basis of what it was displayed, is possible to say that opesquisador qualitative is necessarily involved in the life of the citizens. valido to stand out that the people who participate of the process are not simplesreservatrios of information, but are recognized as citizens that elaborate sensible edo to the events. To proceed to the analysis from the impact from the Program Being sown nasescolas public from the City from Ub-MG some ways for aconstruo of the qualitative research had been followed. They had been used techniques as: pesquisadocumental interview, semistructuralized, qualitative with the professors responsible oucoordenadores for the program in the participant schools of the first ProgramSemeando to the fifth year of Basic Ensino – Municipal School; Segunda has 29 years, acts as Teacher of Sciences in state school, already aterceira it has 30 years, acts as SupervisorPedaggica in State School. Interviewed Oquarto possesss 53 years and leciona geography in Basic education – State School, and, finally, the interviewed one has 38 years and the dediretora position of the Municipal School. The study how much to the procedures technician of the research passapelas following stages: Bibliographical 1-Survey: To develop essetrabalho a research of materials was carried through bibliographical referring aotema.

Books as Transversal Subjects and the Strategy of Projects, deUlisses F. Araujo, Trajectory and beddings of the deLoureiro ambient education and the Ambient Education and making to interdisciplinar in the deAnglica school Conenza Rodrigues, had been the main references bibliogrficasusadas for the development of the research. * Area of abrangncia: This study it was carried through noMunicpio of Ub-MG, and he was focado in five public schools, being duasmunicipais and three state ones. * Documentary research: Umapesquisa of documents of the Senar institution was also carried through, that it made possible to make historical umlevantamento, as well as its organizacional and structural form and regional suaabrangncia for Brazil.