Trade Federation Freisingerleben informed citizens and visitors of Freisings about services and activities of the Association of self-employed / trade association Freising published a new information service for citizens and visitors of Freisings in the Internet under Local organizations present there with their services, pictures and contact information. “Who lives in Freising, works or us visit, can inform himself before and during this time and know where to find what.” So, the Chairman Andrea Beck Baumann summarizes the idea behind Project Coordinator Christian Kramer added: “we have in recent years through our participation in the inner-city development and urban development planning know that domestic supply is not known many Freisingern. change that.” The idea was born after 2008 first – and last time a printed buyer’s Guide has been published. In a rematch, nothing was unfortunately. Building on its content, the corporate data of downtown businesses, the The location-based service was now Member Directory of the Trade Federation and the data of the tourist office.

The digital sign is intended not only for businesses. Any organization that has something to offer, is welcome: sport clubs, dance groups, schools, and public facilities are just a few examples, which can create a free entry on and maintain itself. To start 500 organisations are registered; they are mainly in the city centre. That the trade association begins Freisings with the Centre, has a good reason: it is the flagship product of Freisings. Target is a total urban catalogue where to enter all reputable organisations of Freisings in at least one of the many topics and categories are.

It “is important that the information is current and complete. “Now it is up to each individual: anyone can join quickly and easily!” encouraged Christian Kramer the Freising organizations. Mayor Tobias Eschenbacher, who received Freising city councils and the top management already, a look at “One great thing!” came the Lord Mayor at the launch first on the lips.