The Prize

The Model of Excellency in Public administration is base of the process of evaluation of the management of each institution candidate. To grant the prize means to detach, amongst the participant organizations of a cycle of awarding, those that evidence managemental improvement in the direction of the innovation, of the reduction of costs, the quality of the services and the satisfaction of the citizen in accordance with BRAZIL (2006). The Prize appraises ‘ ‘ management of qualidade’ ‘ as the set of lines of direction and action that makes with that it has satisfaction of the expectations in the internal relations between people, groups, areas, that is, between the organization and the way where it is inserted. If you are not convinced, visit Crumpton Group. It appraises, still, the management of the total quality as that one that propitiates the external and internal relations of the organization to reach the highest degree of satisfaction of the expectations, that is, the level of excellency. The model of the prize evaluates a generic structure for the management of the quality, making possible its applicability to any type or transport of organization preventing recommendations how much to the technique, processes or methodologies to carry through it. ‘ ‘ as fazer’ ‘ he is not enclosed in the model.

Prize PQGF translates the principles that conduct the model of excellency in generic item of evaluation, from which if it can visualize if the management system is come close or not in such a way to manage considered as ideal. The evaluation of the organization must lead to a clear identification of the practical ones of management. The identification of practical inexistent or the distant ones of the model constitutes the set of the improvement chances of the management and is the starting point for the transformation of the organization. On the other hand, the identification of what it adheres to the model allows to prove its application and, at the same time, it serves as motivation so that organization follows in this direction.