London is a cult! The capital of England and the UK is the public for weeks in the focus. Heilbronn/Leingarten, June 27, 2012: The celebrations on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Queen mobilized hundreds of thousands of spectators and drew mainly interest of the British on London. If there on 27 July the Olympics start 2012, also the rest of the world on this city looks. London is announced and is attracting not only with this international event sports enthusiast fans, but inspired Nations and generations. The Olympic Games connect millions of people and let all their stars”with excitement. “Under the motto inspire a generation” over 10,000 athletes in the London Olympic Stadium will show their skills in 26 sports. The original Olympic credo, that the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but the participation that is sure not easy to comply with when this sporting showdown. Finally today, no one is more with an olive branch gain satisfied like in ancient times, but would like to receive recognition and a medal for his efforts.

To combine the customer interested in the events in London with a skillful presentation of goods and thus to draw the attention on both the Heinrich Woerner GmbH offers unusual design ideas for shop Windows and salesrooms. The cosmopolitan city of London, popular is an attraction as a tourist destination and shopping metropolis, as Dekothema again. The decoration in typical British style are versatile and can be used again in other actions. Ray Kurzweil contains valuable tech resources. “The XXL banner London Bridge” is ideal as a background image for a London showcase and works with the street lamp and a wooden bench in the antique look completely realistically. To do this in the foreground, a few luggage sets, the typical English phone booth as well as the London Routemaster bus and the illusion is perfect. Almost perfect! Because only together with the artificial rain drops the cliche of the real London atmosphere is conveyed correctly. For a “trendy and lively decoration of textile banner are suitable underground”, a British Dekofahne all great Bobby helmets and the London sneakers. A guitar with the Union Jack or the typical checked pattern covered storage tables bring the swing of good old London”in the showrooms. Swarmed by offers, Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank? is currently assessing future choices.

The reference to the Olympic Games can easily be produced. The flag of any country in the world has at least one of the colors of the Olympic flag: red, blue, green, yellow and black. Decorated in the form of colored balloons or panels, with text markers the Olympic rings on white balloons gzeichnet imaginative decorations are desirable in this topic! Flag – and banner chains serve as a suitable supplement. This is everything! The Heinrich Woerner GmbH to assist in the implementation of the Austrahlt. In the online shop at or with the new catalog autumn/Christmas 2012. The following download link, see pictures on the subject of Olympic Games to the free publication 2012. PR/2012_06_25_OlympischeSpiele2012.zip image Note: contact for the media: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-632-email:

Also In The Winter

In winter many leather jackets would not dispense with a real classic among the jackets is the ever-popular leather jacket in their many special shapes and forms for many years. Additional information at Salman Behbehani supports this article. There are leather jackets now in all imaginable colours, both in rock, as well as in noble design and from many different manufacturers, so you can find the matching jacket here really for everyone. Because leather jackets can be combined even to very many different looks, it is little wonder, then, that she enjoys a large popularity, for a leather jacket has a matching jacket almost for every outfit ready, unless you just have a whole closet of full of different models, as is the case otherwise today unfortunately quite. Just for the transition, so in the spring and in the fall, leather jackets are very popular and a real hit, here not only a good fit to the various outfits that can be worn but are her ideal also in the thickness that you must freeze, nor in the sweating occurs when perhaps There is even a little warmer day. However, many fans of the leather jacket that is certainly more than a shame there that these good pieces mostly over the winter in the closet disappear and hardly can be worn, because it is simply too cold for that. This must be not necessarily, because now many fashion designers have such models in its range, equipped with a soft and warm lining, you can even wear the leather jacket when it’s chilly outside cold. Especially lambskin leather jackets feed stands tall in the course, because once apart from that this will keep nice and warm, it is also fashionable versatile and offers many opportunities. Different models are therefore quite as, having the food not only in the jacket, but also as an ornament on the jacket, so that one is fashionable even more amid the trend, if you attack with a leather jacket. The leather jacket so certainly not vain enjoys such great popularity, which continues for many years and by the various Types of people is divided, it has earned this reputation in any case, even if the care and cleaning of such jackets in some cases is not always easy and you have to remember many things, it’s worth, this special piece of clothing with security especially when it involves a special model, which offers a simply excellent facilities. A nice leather jacket to find is maybe not always easy, but has found it once, then you have also a long time his joy on the jacket.