Francisco Yanez

To err is human, but blame it to other people or God is nonsense! Crying does nothing, get what you have to do and leave you nonsense. What you should do now is to change the way to ask you questions, understanding that all the answers are hidden inside yourself, what is truly important is to understand that the way in which these questions, you make is that you get answers and power resources that allow you to evolve. When you’re in trouble ask yourself so you can serve me this problem? What can I learn from this situation? Possibly the answer in your unconscious mind may take a few days or weeks to arrive, but once you find the answer inside yourself you’ve grown enormously and evolved to the next level. When I understood that by controlling my thoughts I could also change my way of doing things, I discovered, that it is better to live happily living distressed. You can always have a reason to be upset (at) anguished, unhappy. It is much better to have hundreds of reasons to live immensely happy and smile to the life. But the best advice I can give you to exit strengthened (a) now is trust in God. He never will stay silent to your prayers. Our sufferings are kindly caresses of God, calling us so that we return to him, and to make us recognize that not us who control our lives, but is God who is in control, and we can fully trust him. Mother Teresa of Calcutta sincerely Francisco Yanez lecturer original author and source of the article.