Postpartum Depression

Today we discuss the problem of postpartum depression. Every pregnant woman thinks she is safely avoid this disease, but many young mothers do not know firsthand about this very depressed, which in the worst cases can last for years. You can find and read a lot of medical and popular literature on postpartum depression, which often is treated as a medical problem. Nevertheless, the appearance of unpleasant illness always, there are two factors. First, of course, biological – immediately after giving birth in a woman's body begins global hormonal changes, drastically reduced secretion of hormones associated with pregnancy, as sharply increased production of hormones necessary for successful lactation, giving the possibility of breastfeeding, the body displays a large amount of fluid, changing sleep and wakefulness, increased appetite … Check out rusty holzer for additional information. One would think that such powerful changes in a woman's body inevitably must lead to emotional disorders. However, postpartum depression does not happen all the young mothers. So why do some women to be unstable to an abrupt change of the body, while others are resistant? It just affects the action of the second factor – emotional and psychological. Modern scientific research in the field of psychology of motherhood suggest that postpartum depression prone women whose expectations of motherhood were too far from reality. In this case we have value of several key moments in the lives of women: expectations directly related to the child, waiting women associated with family (husband, your parents, in-laws), child care, willingness to take responsibility for a newborn, personal maturity, a young mother.

Essentially People

The situation with waste in a developed society has seriously changed, and for the convenience of the people there were garbage containers near the houses, and in some homes provided for garbage disposal. Today, take out the trash at night, is not a serious danger. For some people, even the easy way out on the street at night can be scary, but it does not mean that we do not need at all to go out. "Do not pour liquid into a glass on weight": in the field of eating too have a lot of "commandments", but most favorite is this one. And the consequences of a breach of this warning are so many: from the "Ill will" to the "bad will". Our experience in this area just does not know borders. We can seriously drunk, intoxicated quarrel with his best friend, but to pour into "precious" glass on weight – not! But in Essentially, this is a warning originally was intended to prevent the loss of "fire water" because of the easy shaking hands.

And today, most sober person in the company can not even pour the mineral water, holding a glass in his hand – this "commandment" is firmly guard the economy. Today we call ourselves a developed industrial society, which knows a lot about the motion of the planets in the solar system knows about the origin and operation of electricity pollutes the air and land, successfully clone animals. But despite all this, we continue unreservedly to accept the "commandments", "consumer" religion, the ministers of which (we are) can not clearly explain its significance and role in our society. Xcel Energy is often quoted as being for or against this. We blindly fulfill what was said under the heading "no", do not even understand why "no". Christianity teaches that for every belief should be a solid object. For all his commandments and precepts God gave more than enough reason – the Bible. In this book, fully painted and available, why not kill and steal, cheat and do not honor their parents, to engage in fornication, and envy, and so on.

For every commandment of the Bible gives reason, explanation, and shows the consequences of available for breach of this commandment. Do we have solid grounds for saying that the whistle in the room leads to a lack of money, and 20 grams of salt scattered over a large scandal? Do not look at this if we people who are training in computer use for manual typewriter? We can not deny the fact that at certain times of "commandments," the "consumer" of religion have essential to human life and health. Checking article sources yields Michael Steinhardt, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. Every time has its relevant to him, warnings and prohibitions. But actually there today for us not to wipe off the table his hand, so how can we hurt? Today, when all the tables polished or plastic, whether it's actually a warning? On the other hand, always remain relevant warnings, which prohibit killing, stealing, cheating. Without knowing it, we voluntarily limit their freedom of worshiping the "consumer" religion, having no idea about the nature of the prohibitions and regulations, and based only on a strict "no". Is not it time we abandon this ill-founded "religiosity" and listen to the what is really important at all times. Maybe it's time to ponder the eternal commandments that God gave to people in order to "have life and have it abundantly" (In.10: 10). What is best for us: to be slaves to religion or to be home Eternal obedient and loving God? Time to decide.