The New War Of The Ebooks: Amazon Vs Apple

Surely we do not see the IPAD sold in the shop was selling just as it was launched, but more important is that it is changing the world of ebooks and forcing advertisers and consumers to adopt a particular position. Yesterday surfing the Internet in various blogs as, I was with the news that Amazon would not sell more books Macmillan, one of the largest publishers in the world. In truth is that Amazon does not sell any book from Macmillan, in fact his most popular book The Gathering Storm as it continues to sell. You can still buy Macmillan books by Amazon, except those more recent. According to The New York Times this excitement that was generated in the world of ebooks was the emergence of IPAD. The problem was that Amazon Macmillan asked who wanted to renegotiate the current prices and compensation contracts. Amazon demanded that an increase from 9 to 15 dollars in some of his books and separate the sales plan 70/30.

This model is exactly the same as used Apple Iphone and you will use for its new store ebooks. Amazon’s response was quite flexible, but it began to move to leave out of their virtual shops some of the Macmillan books. Because they characterize this new Ebooks War was natural hazard a possible war between Apple and Amazon since it was announced the possible release of IPAD.