Synchronous Battery

Advanced DC L91-4003 130 continuous amperes, 500 amperes continuous peak 13 HP, 43 HP Reversible peak 72-120 volts double axle 1,125 ' ' of diameter 1,37' 'output axle. The electric motor ADC are the most popular of the series of engines DC. Umaampla variety are available in the market. The greaters are normalmenteutilizados for electric cars. The minors are used for vehicles levescomo karts, motorcycles etc. All the engines use ADC isolation classroom H (180 degrees C) Flange of adaptation of the engine eltricoO flange are screwed to the electric engine with four screws of 1 ' ' x 3 /8 ' '. Combining with the hurricane of the box of march of the VW. Comchapa of aluminum or 4 is manufactured steel of 1/' '.

Axle of xdiferencial motor coupling the axle coupler incases in the electric engine and the axle of the differential. Esteacoplapamento is usinado in an industrial mechanical lathe made with steel. The part is screwed to the present coupler comparafusos allen. When the adapter of the axle of the engine and axle of the differential somontados in set the unit of transmission, the mechanical work he is ready being able to be made in poucosminutos. Enclosed controller in this kit this Kelly Controller 24-120V 500 the Programmable one I OPT, PWM (width of pulse modulation) MOSFET (metal oxidates semiconductor transistor).

Estescontroladores, Kelly model, are total programmable. You can until mesmomonitorar parameters of the engine during the conduction using a computadorporttil. For more information he consults the site of them and software. Resources: ' ' Intelligence with a powerful microprocessor. ' ' Synchronous rectification, extreme-low fall, fast PWM to reach grandeeficincia. ' ' Current limit torque and control. ' ' Minimum EMC. ' ' Protection of battery: Cut, alert disconnection and in low battery. ' ' thermal improved robust aluminum habitation. Push-on connecting. ' ' Thermal protection: cut in low temperature and high temperature to paraproteger the battery and the controller.