Sylt Or The Semi-arid Nostalgia

Why Sarah Wagenknecht and the old FRG on Sylt go along the “gold dust”island called Sylt; “Sylter Royal” mean the oysters which come from there and this small piece of Earth in Germany’s highest North real estate prices are the highest in the whole Republic. Sylt, this is still the place where Dieter Bohlen spooning caviar for breakfast and in which only the crowd holds up. Munich? Dusseldorf? Nee. Kampen! These stereotypes could you end each report on Sylt, “Zanzibar” a bottle of champagne in the da not evidence that elsewhere the truth about Germany’s most famous island suggest, than on the ground. Semi-dry Muller-Thurgau and Sarah Wagenknecht are two of them. Why merge Sarah Wagenknecht and the old FRG on Sylt it is in Westerland, Sylt kleinstadtischem capital (all other villages on the island are actually villages) fall through the pedestrian zone, a further evidence on, or better the lack thereof: no “H & M”, no 1 To look euro shop and even the otherwise ubiquitous mobile shops with a magnifying glass.

Instead, the impression in a time capsule in the good old Germany to be traveled back respectively in their provincial essence. And indeed: in the cafes on the waterfront so naturally semi-dry white wine is served, as the Federal Government in Bonn were sitting and we wrote the year of 1985. Only a poster in A2 format moderate repeated back the viewer in the present: not Helmut Kohl, but Sarah Wagenknecht come to Sylt, is there and you look once again as a precaution. Class struggle nor proletariat Sarah Wagenknecht Sylt; How does this because? Well, where much wealth is, do too much exploitation be or not? When Sarah Wagenknecht Sylt presents her new book, but the oppressed the prosperity island would have to hear the message of class consciousness and public property with hopeful sighs. Twice wrong. Speaks at their PR date on Sylt Sarah Wagenknecht of the class struggle, nor is proletarian audience. Rather Wagenknecht seems to be fine with their Diskussionspartnerin, to understand the Mayor of Westerland (CDU) and the audience never scared them with their theses.

Sure, here it comes to the books sell and Yes, not even immune from a certain age mildness Sarah Wagenknecht. But the reason for the almost eerie harmony of the event lies elsewhere. Time capsule Sylt because most people, year after year with 12 (!) Months forward a holiday apartment on Sylt rent, not be the oysters or the gold dust due to. They simply come to the place back, where – for them – so much over the last 30 years is unchanged throughout, as perhaps nowhere else in Western of Germany. Yes, one driving Mercedes and goes for pretty much money to “Garba” to eat moderately prepared fish. Is celebrated but not for thousands euros to drop in Kampen clubs (actually just C-list celebrities and professional daughters and sons do this). Instead, it separates the Waste may still be a bit careful as home, drives much bicycle and drink said Muller-Thurgau. And so there is no difference in the action too expensive for many Sylt apartments for rent and similar developments between Sarah Wagenknecht, their Diskussionspartnerin of the CDU and the present, middle-class audience. Old Federal German conservatism and the left are just a nostalgic semi-dry on this day on Sylt. Then Friday is and the private jets land at half hourly intervals. Unity also here. Andreas Kellner