Structural Changes

It can be affirmed that the Controladoria has lead the entity to put into motion in all the aspects to effect structural changes, with objective to keep its form to work so that it can compete, and to have as to survive in this globalizado world. It is suggested then, in this analyzes, some proposals of income creation, that can be of a simple discounting in the value of the lodgings until the adaptation of the structure of the hotel in SPA, for example, for having its privileged localization, it are of the urban space. Another idea would be to promote events of diverse orders, using to advantage the physical space of the hotel club. Therefore it is concluded that the company tries to make optimum in the presented data more still runs away from the control of the manager some situations, had a series of factors adopted by the administrative politics of the company. THE IMPORTANCE OF Control APPLIED IN ENTERPRISE – recreational clubs Tucuru – CRT ABSTRACT The fact that research was developed by the need you verify the implementation of control within the company Tucuru and Recreation Club is you provide to better internal organization studied, because the controlling is an important tool in the hands of managers in making decisions. Reports of people interviewed, show that the fears and difficulties that managers face on Accounting Controllership is unable you deploy it system that is efficient you the point of covering all departments of the company.

This transformation has shown that the management company makes its planning, including its beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code explanatory model, which is the nature of accounting control everything that happens within the organization. Facing the facts researched, it is perceived that the company tries you of the best in quality of care and motivation you their employees, but it also you carry through that there ploughs flaws in the internal control of adds sectors..