This product is laid out a brand-lines on the manufacturer, and the first is of loose biscuits, which not mixed with the packed and only then – packed, from cheap to expensive from left to right. Traditional confectionery products neighbors, including cookies, are tea and coffee. Along with these common variants Location pastry assortment of nearby alcohol-otdela.Promo vyuladka promotional cookies effective additional computation, which can be carried out during the promotions in the same department in the confectionery gondolas (large metal grids), the Palais max. Dear cookies may be posted on coffee tables or cabinets. This allows you to draw additional attention to seasonal customers, products and unique products for special prices. In the checkout area is laid out just melkofasovannoe pechene.Vygodnoe location part of the assortment of cookies are sold over the counter in the pastry department.

Experts believe that the pastry department should be on his way out of the store, at least in the second part of the way a buyer for the store. However, it should take into account the proximity to the flour shop and storage rooms. From the list of existing formats retail trade only in cash & carry and drive unter presence of a dedicated pastry department is not the rule. Production of confectionery range in these formats is present, usually in the form of -packages have been laid out on metal racks. In general, the trend in the market is: cheap food segments are increasingly beginning to sell in the open dostupe.Kachestvo cookie quality assessment is particularly relevant for cookies sold by weight, which can be clearly seen, but it is not equipped with the necessary information is usually contained in the packs. Benign liver must be the correct shape, no cracks, cracked, blistering and burnt crust. Figure it should be clear: the blurred lines indicate faulty materials or violations of technology in the process of baking.

If the cookie is covered with glaze on it should not be a 'gray' – a sign of past life date, or improper storage. All information about cookies sold by weight must provide the seller, this data (product structure, manufacturing date, expiration date, etc.), usually indicated on a common box with the product. In addition, label with information about a product usually embedded in a plastic bag with cookies pechenem.Prodlevaya life more fat in cookies, the shorter its life. According to standards of GOST, biscuits with fat content less than 10% You can store up to 45 days, from 10 to 20% – 30 days, over 20% – not exceeding 15 days. However, certain nuances of the technology allows some manufacturers to increase the shelf life of biscuits to a year. If the cookie is covered with chocolate or a cream, it is necessary to comply with the storage temperature – not above 18 C. oven for baking cookies for baking biscuits are suitable for almost all bakery ovens, except for the hearth. This is due to the small reproducibility and uneven propekaniya. A rotary kilns such as for large enterprises or small convection oven – a great choice.