Smartphone Water Damage

What should be done and how should I not respond with a Wasserschadem when my Smartphone who knows that, you find yourself in the car and wants to check his messages but moves on the display nothing. Findings: water damage. Here the Smartphone must have been forced into the water, so that such a mistake can happen. Basically, this defect in several types can be classified the classic water damage is caused by the effects of large amounts of water. In this context, it is important to note what type of water is there and consequently with what dose occurred with the phone in touch. Most of us will often come with fresh as with salt water. Household accidents involving cell phones such as such as dropping it in the toilet or filled sink happen faster than crash the cell phone in the sea.

In addition, salt water is also particularly aggressive and causes damage to the PCB, which most are irreparable. It is advisable to respond directly and not in Own experiments may continue to cause damage to the phone. “The liquid damage is also a relatively common disorder that can usually take place once you are mobile and the favourite drink on the table, are rather has and make a phone also by improper hand coordination swallowing” emits. Here, very strong defects due to the bonding can occur. The moisture damage is probably the most common water damage, but he is one. It occurs when a high humidity prevails, which then condenses on the inside of the Smartphone and lies on the individual components.

Mobile phones, carried in pocket or trouser pocket often suffer from type of defect. It can go so fast: the owner sweat, the warm air penetrates quickly through the joints in the device in the Smartphone and pushes himself as soon as the temperature drops again, as condensation. The short is included. It is advisable then, no matter what water damage is to react quickly and to wipe the Smartphone. For other steps should be man still invariably a trusted repair service visit, professionally concerned with the rescue of such devices, since they have the required equipment, such as a special chemical solution and an ultrasound machine, an Otto normal household as a rule not can have. So the next big water dilemma is by no means equal to the nerves lose.