Repair Broken Computers

Economic crisis in the small to feel the existing economic crisis is reflected not only in the company, but concerns especially the private households. The computer emergency to use a service like kompetenzzentrum.IT in Innsbruck more repair than on throwing away. Computer are offered at an absolutely fair fixed price EUR 77.00 plus necessary hardware repairs. So no nasty surprises emerge for those affected. The repair of the computer is not only more economical than a new purchase of PC’s or laptops, but also more comfortable: all computer data obtained and no reinstallation of programs it is necessary.

We not only repair the PC’s, we also check on viruses, Trojans and other malicious software, so the user gets fitted his PC or laptop again best return! “, so Peter Stelzhammer by the Kompetenzzentrum.IT.” Safety is absolute in times of Internet and telebanking.” An annual review as at the TuV is not an error. The computer professionals and computer specialists at the emergency services of the computer security have many years of experience in the field of data recovery, repair and maintenance of computer systems, system maintenance and network. The company is over 15 years of experience in the market and provides not only the ideal solution for computer problems, but also that in the economically most efficient result in the computer field. Computer emergency-Archduke Eugen-str. 3 6020 Innsbruck Tel.: 0512 / 287788 hotline: 0800 / 310336 (free of charge) author: Michaela kingdoms.